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    Lycopene is a bright red carotene and carotenoid pigment and phytochemical found in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables.

    Responsible for giving tomatoes its red colour, it is a potent antioxidant – like most of the other members of the carotenoid family - and anti-inflammatory proven to improve the firmness and texture of human skin. It defends against oxidative stress caused by physiological ageing, hydrates and nourishes to enhance the skin’s natural elasticity and assists in metabolic functions related to growth and repair.

    Carotenes are also important free radical scavengers that protect against overexposure to damaging UV-light, helping the skin maintain a youthful appearance and providing protection to sensitive skin. Lycopene's natural antioxidant and UV-blocking capabilities naturally make it a valuable weapon in the battle against aging skin.

    Lycopene plays an integral role in stabilizing the DNA structure in the nucleus of the skin cells as well as maintaining the DNA double strand-break repair pathway. Lycopene's ability to enhance connectivity and communication between cells can also noticeably improve your skin's texture by aiding cellular functions that are essential to keeping your skin looking young.

    Realising the potential of this anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant hero ingredient, and combining Sydney University's plant breeding expertise with cutting edge extraction technologies and chemical analysis from UNSW, Abundant Natural Health has infused potent levels of lycopene - derived from their purpose-bred tomatoes, organically grown under strict scientific control at the University of Sydney - into their skincare line with fantastic results.

    The process to extract this powerhouse of an ingredient is far from straight forward. Lycopene is very sensitive to light and oxygen and extracting lycopene from tomatoes was historically performed by organic solvent extraction which resulted in bioactivity degradation, organic solvent residue (which is harmful to human skin) and an unpleasant odour.  

    To counter this, and to ensure consistently high lycopene levels in their tomatoes, Abundant teamed up with UNSW to adapt their Supercritical Fluid Extraction process. Using CO2, which is non harmful or toxic, as a solvent under supercritical conditions, this advanced extraction technology made it possible to extract the active lycopene in its purest and most active form.

    The resultant bioactive lycopene is the hero ingredient of the Daily Face Cream, the first product in Abundant’s lycopene skincare range. A powerful moisturiser which will provide immediate results and relief from sun damage, aging, sensitivities and irritated skin conditions, it will minimize fine lines and wrinkles, prevent premature skin aging, improve skin texture and skin hydration giving nourishing and lifting/plumping effects.

    Abundant Natural Health's foundational Daily Face Cream is being received extremely well by the beauty community, as are the recent additions of the lip and eye cream – both containing high concentrations of lycopene.