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    highly concentrated for high performance

    Magnesium is an essential mineral and crucial for a healthy body; it helps keep blood pressure normal, ensures normal nerve and muscle function, that bones are strong, and the heart rhythm steady.

    Moreover, it supports normal psychological function, energy levels and growth and development.

    Whilst an essential mineral for everyone, it’s particularly important for athletes due to the integral role that it plays in energy production and recovery.

    Realising this critical link between magnesium and optimal physical performance, Abundant Natural Health set out to find the purest, natural source of this powerhouse of an ingredient. They found what they were looking for in Western Australia, in previously untapped ancient Australian lakes, where not only did they discover highly concentrated levels of Magnesium Chloride but vital trace elements such as calcium and potassium.

    Leveraging cutting edge technology and insights from two of Australia’s leading research institutes – to develop a unique formulation - Abundant Natural Heath infused this highly concentrated Magnesium Chloride with cucumber extract from their own purpose – bred cucumbers, high in citric acid.

    This is where the magic happened and where this product range comes into its own league; the inclusion of the cucumber promoted dermal penetration allowing their highly concentrated Magnesium Chloride to penetrate the skin more quickly and to get to work effectively whilst moisturising and hydrating along the way.

    Abundant has succeeded in producing a scientifically validated and highly active product range that is proving to be an absolute game changer.

    abundant natural health magnesium active body range

    This innovative new range of body products can be used before and after sport to prolong muscle performance as well as relieve the aches and pains of working out; ultimately improving performance, endurance and strength and reducing the risk of injury.

    It’s incredibly versatile, providing relief from strains, aches and pains, DOMS, cramps, PMS; the list goes on.