November 29, 2021 3 min read

Creating a healthy routine around sleep time doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. Coming from someone who has experienced sleep challenges, I love to have a routine that is interchangeable and that isn’t too dogmatic in its approach because who wants to do something they’re told to? It’s like being a naughty kid again with mum or dad telling you its time for bed – no thanks!


Some simple things that I like to do to make sleep time as healthy as possible are outlined below, pick and choose what works for you and adapt it as you go.


A nice warm bath with Abundant Natural Health Magnesium bath soak is a no brainer right? This soak has literally saved my life and my sanity when I can’t sleep. Its so soothing and will literally take away any ache or pain that you have and will make your eyelids droop like never before!


No screens after 830PM. I know in the modern world we live in this is a relatively challenging ask but even stopping the scroll on social media or turning off the TV a little earlier than normal and preferably an hour before bedtime can work wonders for your sleep cycle. I also recommend leaving your phone outside your bedroom and finding an alternate way to wake up in the morning like rising when the sun does or using a manual bedside clock.


I wear blue blocking glasses if I’m using screens in the evening and also use a program on my computer called IRIS which you can adjust the settings for based on the time of day etc. My favourite place to get all my blue blocking needs is BluBlox, they even have light bulbs too which you can use in your home to protect from harmful EMFs that disrupt sleep.


Ditch coffee all together or if you can’t do that limit your coffee intake to one a day and preferably in the morning. According to the Sleep Foundation “One study examined the effects of caffeine intake zero, three, and six hours before bedtime, and found that even caffeine consumed six hours before bed could reduce sleep time by one hour”. So if you are having difficulty with sleep rethink when you have your coffee, if at all.


A warm drink (think honey, ginger and lemon) and a good book are a sure-fire way to help you move closer to rest and this combo is a known way to combat stress that can lead to not falling asleep. Reading a story can distract your brain and help to let your worries fall by the wayside.


It is essential that the place where you are sleeping is a comfortable temperature. As our body temperature drops during sleep we need to ensure we are not too hot or cold to make sure that we maintain a reasonably sound sleep through the night. Keep a window open to allow fresh air to circulate and keep spare blankets close by if needed, wear clothing that is easily removed if needed and don’t leave air conditioners running all night as this will dry you and your environment out.


Restful sleep is essential for good health, it is recommended that adults get 7 or more hours of sleep per night. Having a clean and simple bedtime routine may help you to break those bedtime woes so why not try something new tonight?