Overcoming Psoriasis

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Overcoming Psoriasis was founded more than 10 years ago and is run by Psoriasis sufferer, Todd Bello. First diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of 28, Todd would be the first to admit that this condition is life altering and sufferers are faced with ongoing challenges. It soon became his mission to support others and established Overcoming Psoriasis, which now boasts over 100k combined members from around the globe.
The Overcoming Psoriasis community offers a safe space for members to share their experiences and challenges, provide support and education, and band together to encourage ongoing treatment breakthroughs. Todd remains the face and sympathetic voice of Overcoming Psoriasis which has become essential in the overall healing process.

Todd Bello | Founder & CEO Of Overcoming Psoriasis 

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Hi, my name is Todd Bello and I’ve been suffering with Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for over 30 years. I’m also the Founder and CEO of the support group, Overcoming Psoriasis. The Ocean Soothe range has been a real blessing for me. I use the head-to-toe range every single day. The key ingredient is Magnesium but not any Magnesium, the purest quality Magnesium specific to healing and restoring the body. Magnesium has a long list of scientifically proven health benefits and is an essential mineral to replenish as your body cannot produce it.

I personally really like Ocean Soothe Gel and Lotion in addition to my prescribed medication. They’re both really effective, easy to apply and I can conveniently take them with me everywhere I go. I highly recommend this range to my fellow Psoriasis sufferers.
I highly recommend this range to my fellow Psoriasis sufferers and encourage you to join our Overcoming Psoriasis Support Group.