March 07, 2021 2 min read

Hey my name is Romney – I’m a yoga teacher, voice over artist and I own two businesses (a wellness business and an acting school) based in Sydney.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about health and wellness. Back at school when everyone else was ordering meat pies and chips from the canteen I was having salad sandwiches and fruit for lunch!

Working in the health industry means there are always lots of different products to check out and try - in all honesty it’s not very often that products stick, but I have absolutely fallen in love with Abundant Natural Health.

I discovered Abundant Natural Health products a few years ago when I started having lower back pain. I’ve always been over flexible and with a regular yoga practice and very full teaching schedule, over time my back pain had increased – the first product I tried from Abundant Natural Health was the Magnesium Spray and I was absolutely blown away! Because its highly concentrated it works so quickly to relieve my sore back and muscles from all the yoga I teach and do. I also love to put the spray on my feet at night to help me sleep and it works wonders!

I’ve recently started using the Magnesium Gel and carry it with me everywhere so I have relief on the go. It’s easy to apply and sinks in fast for quick relief.

My absolute favourite product from Abundant Natural Health is the Ache relief bath soak. I was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and was using the soak in the lead up to surgery in November. Pre and post-surgery I cannot even begin to explain how life changing the bath soak has been for me in the relief of full body pain I experienced from Endo and for recovery from surgery. My body craves a bath every night and I love the gentle lavender smell which helps set me up for a good nights sleep even when I have a restless mind.

Abundant Natural Health products are an absolute staple in my cupboard now and are products that I am never without. I also LOVE supporting an Australian company doing amazing things in the wellness sphere! I cannot recommend Abundant Natural Health enough and cannot wait to see what exciting things are next for this wonderful company!

Romney Stanton - January 2021