Application of Ocean Soothe

Ocean Soothe Psoriasis Relief Gel

Our Ocean Soothe Gel is our most aggressive psoriasis product. We generally recommenced it be used on the body, legs and arms during the day. For optimal results use in conjunction with Ocean Soothe Psoriasis Lotion.

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Ocean Soothe Psoriasis Relief Lotion

Our Ocean Soothe Lotion is an oil based product that moisturises the skin. The lotion softens the skin making sleep more comfortable while adding transdermal magnesium. We generally recommend it be used on the body, legs and arms at night prior to bedtime. For optimal results use in conjunction with Ocean Soothe Gel.

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Ocean Soothe Scalp Relief Spray

Itchy scalp is the most common form of psoriasis. The serum lasts longer in the hair and can be applied to wet or dry hair. Over 60% of trialists prefer the spray as it can be applied once the hair is dry.

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Ocean Soothe Flare Relief

A Psoriasis Flare up is extremely uncomfortable as the whole body itches. There are times when psoriasis sufferers need to bathe themselves in a bath or the ocean when their psoriasis starts to flare up. Ocean Soothe Flare Relief is designed to ease the discomfort and itch.

How to use Ocean Soothe Flare Relief

Ocean Soothe Inverse Relief Body wash - coming soon

Body wash for the private parts, under the breasts, armpits and anywhere else with skin folds. The gel is formulated with salt to clean the bacteria on the skin and then allow for the highly transdermal magnesium to soothe the inflammation caused by psoriasis. Use in the morning or evening when showering.

How to use Ocean Soothe Inverse Relief Body wash

Ocean Soothe Sensitive Face Relief Cream - Coming soon

This cream is formulated for sensitive skin like the face. It is packaged in an easy to carry container, so you can carry it with you and apply it when your face flares up. Its smooth texture is soothing and leaves your face moisturised and feeling good.

How to use Ocean Sooth Sensitive Face Relief Cream