Why are we giving away seeds?
You may not be aware but Abundant Natural Health sister company Abundant Seeds started out at Sydney University as a vegetable plant breeding company.
Sydney University have a multimillion dollar facility located at Cobbitty NSW to breed not only the best wheat and barley but also vegetable and flowering plants. For the past 9 years, Abundant Seeds has been manufacturing the worlds best mini cucumbers (known as CuteCumbers) and cherry tomatoes that

taste out of this world. We sell these seeds to commercial farmers, who then use our seed to develop produce for our major Australian chains, such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. We also know that people want to start to grow their own vegetables. Times have changed and we all want to go back to basics, the simple way of going for walks, read a book, make dinner together and planting vegetables.  

How Do I Apply?

Please follow this link to register. In this survey you will fill provide your full details, e-mail address and physical address so we can send the seeds to you! By registering, you agree to receive full correspondence from Abundant Natural Health


How to grow our CuteCumbers