History of Abundant Natural Health

Happy 5th birthday Abundant Natural Health! This April we reflect on the origins of Abundant Natural Health, our wins, losses, and the absolute blast we’ve had growing this company into what it is today. 

What was the idea that started Abundant Natural Health?

In 2016, our CEO, Tony Crimmins, had three companies – Jatenergy, EcoMag and Abundant Produce. Abundant Produce worked with the University of Sydney to breed cucumbers and tomatoes suited to grow in the harsh Australian environment. 

The light bulb moment for Abundant Natural Health came when our harvesters were picking cucumbers and removing the seeds. Their hands were not only softer and more supple, but appeared younger, too. Our research found that cucumber is amazing for the skin. Cucumber contains lactic and citric acid, which has brilliant exfoliating properties, that help to open-up the pores. 

This led the mad scientist in our CEO Tony down the skincare rabbit hole, and Abundant Natural Health branched away from Abundant Produce (now known as Abundant Seeds).

How did Abundant Natural Health launch its first products?

ANH’s first products were born out of harnessing the benefits of cucumber for the skin. Being the tree-hugging, environmental freak that he is, Tony decided to upcycle cucumber waste from Abundant Seeds to formulate skincare products. We collaborated with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to research how best to extract lycopene as an active ingredient, find out the optimal doses and perfect our first formulations. 

The initial direction for the company was to enter the Chinese beauty market. In 2018, we launched our original Daily Face Cream, and we later extended this range with our products Lips Alive and Eyes Alive.

During this time, we had joined forces with EcoMag, which derives specialty high purity magnesium products from the ocean. We became interested in harnessing the benefits of Magnesium for natural topical pain relief. Because magnesium is a large ion, it needs extra help to penetrate the skin. With ongoing research and collaboration with UNSW we were able to use what we had learned about the properties of cucumber to open the pores of the skin and facilitate the entry of magnesium so it can be used by the body. By the end of 2018, we had launched our Magnesium Ache Relief Gel and Sports Spray (now known as Magnesium Spray) which are still available on our website today.

What made Abundant Natural Health launch a psoriasis range?

In 2018 on a trip to EcoMag’s facility in Karratha, Western Australia, our CEO Tony applied a magnesium formulation to his skin that would shift the direction of Abundant Natural Health. 

Tony has suffered from the chronic skin condition, psoriasis, for almost 30 years. Psoriasis manifests as patches of raised, red, itchy, inflamed skin which can be incredibly painful. There is no cure for psoriasis and Tony had tried almost every lotion and potion available… but nothing seemed to work, until he started using his topical magnesium formulation. This is what kick started our Ocean Soothe® Range, and the release of our Salt Soothing Gel in 2018 (now known as Ocean Soothe® Gel).

Abundant Natural Health is an Australian company. What drove the expansion into the USA?

As the Chinese market started to change tact we pivoted towards other markets. 

We started the process of moving the company into the USA around our third birthday (2 years ago), just before COVID took off. The opioid crisis in the US is driven by the over-prescription of pain medication, which is not only expensive but can have nasty long-term impacts. And here we were with a 100% natural product which provides proven pain relief, with no side effects. 

Although we are still young and growing, one of the highlights was getting into CVS HealthHUB, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the US, Walmart.com and The Vitamin Shoppe. We see this as recognition of all the blood, sweat and tears we have put into this company and is a testament to our amazing products. This is just the beginning for us, and we are excited to see where Abundant Natural Health goes in the future.

How will you celebrate Abundant Natural Health’s fifth birthday?

While we won’t be blowing out any candles, we believe the best way to celebrate is to continue to provide our customers with quality, natural pain relief that truly changes lives.

Stay tuned for some exciting Birthday surprises coming up this month!!!