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    Nature at its most powerful

    Abundant skincare harnesses the power of nature and science in a way that’s never been seen before to produce scientifically proven, pure, active botanicals and minerals that deliver immediate results.

    Substance as well as style

    We’re plant breeders and scientists first and foremost. Our passion is uncovering Australia’s best kept, natural secrets, sourcing superior, unique ingredients and combining them with potent extracts from our purpose bred vegetables, to transform them into powerful skin and body care products that will revolutionise your skin. 

    From highly concentrated Lycopene  - the hero of our Face Range and a natural antioxidant with potent anti-aging properties - that we extract from our tomatoes, to the highly concentrated Magnesium Chloride that we naturally source from previously untapped ancient lakes and salt – ten times the concentration of seawater - that is sourced from natural solar brines; we source and create only the best to put into our innovative formulations.

    But’s it’s not just about the ingredients; it’s how we work with them to deliver maximum efficacy. Working in collaboration with the best scientists at two of Australia’s leading Universities, using cutting edge extraction techniques and without using any harmful organic solvents, we preserve the maximum bioactivity and purity of these ingredients to produce highly active skincare.

    Highly concentrated for high performance

    You won’t find anything on the Australian market with the superiority and potency of these ingredients. This is super-charged, sophisticated skin and body care that will demonstrably reduce the effects of aging and sun damage, aid optimal physical performance and recovery as well as relieve irritable skin conditions.

    Full disclosure

    We’re passionate about transparency and traceability – we want you to know exactly what you’re getting with our products, from the recyclable packaging to the cutting- edge techniques that we employ to extract the superior concentration of high quality, active ingredients; to the nasties and fillers that we don’t include. We want to give you the best that nature has to offer, the skin that you deserve and be your ethical brand of choice.

    Supporting our own

    We’re proudly 100% Australian grown, owned and made, so we can vouch for the quality, purity and processes that produce these game-changing products. We love that we’re also supporting local industry and communities in every stage of our business.